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Session Based Support


Advisement Sessions are 1-on-1's or group sessions providing guidance, feedback, and recommendations to professionals or organizations along their journey.

Advisement is a service provided by Level Up Consulting, facilitate by strategist, producer, and Level Up founder Adonis Thrax.

What To Expect

Included In Every Session

A 1-hour virtual meeting with your advisor and a Session Summary recapping the meeting, notes, and recommendations for next steps.


Session Styles

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Session Based Support

Feedback Sessions

Sessions tailored to support clients with organization, operations, professional development, and overall efficiency.

Feedback Sessions are great for individuals interested in unlocking their true potential, optimizing internal processes, and streamlining workflows.

Session Based Support

Brainstorm Sessions

Sessions tailored to support clients with their creative process

Brainstorm Sessions are great for individuals interested in ideation, conceptualization, organizing ideas, and developing the creative elements of a brand or project.

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Session Based Support

Execution Sessions

Sessions tailored to support clients with their production process

Execution Sessions are great for individuals interested in logistics, production, and bridging the gap between creative and bringing ideas to life. 

Requst A Sesson

Request A Session

  • Guidance, feedback, and professional recommendations.

    1 hr

    200 US dollars

What People Are Saying

Meet Your Advisor


Adonis "Thrax" Hill

Strategist | Consultant | Producer 

For a decade, Adonis “Thrax” Hill has been at the intersection of community, creativity, and production. An Atlanta native & Georgia State University alum, Adonis has provided strategy, project management, and production support to brands, organizations, and projects alike (see notable projects).

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Organization & Operations

Ready to unlock your true potential? Optimizing internal processes, streamlining workflows, and enhancing overall efficiency. We customize solutions that empower you to thrive in a competitive landscape and achieve lasting success.

In a Meeting


Events & Programming

Ready to craft exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact? Through meticulously planning, harmonious execution, and a passion for creativity and precision, we’ll help you elevate your events and programs to extraordinary heights.


Project Management

Need help with running point on projects? Work with us for support streamlining workflow and processes, liaising across personnel and teams, and overseeing the in’s and out’s of projects.

Business Meeting
Business Networking


Partnerships & Outreach

Interested in the cultivation of thriving communities of collaborators and advocates? Work with our team on identifying strategic partnerships and collaboration opportunities, leveraging and extensive contacts, strengthening networks.


Marketing & Communications

Ready to build rollout plan? Want to connect your message with the right audiences? Work with Adonis on building engagement strategies, devising  communications plans, and managing campaigns.

Computer with Graph


Storytelling & Production

Ready to embark on a captivating journey? Work with Adonis on bridging bridging the gap between conceptualizing stories and bringing visions to life through seamless production and exceptional execution.

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